Accountability is a Joke

Guest Writer: Adam Sutton Accountability has been a required buzz word when talking about school reform for 20 years.  It ties results to school spending. In particular, test scores and student achievement data are expected to rise with spending.  Accountability’s current usage is useless and divisive. Accountability, as it stands, is a way to lay [...]

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Restorative Practices, Exhausting Teachers

Guest Writer: Adam Sutton Restorative Practices (RP) is the new darling of education circles.  As its goal, RP seeks to interrupt and halt the school to prison pipeline while helping students overcome and cope with trauma.  To do this, RP relies on developing relationships with students which enables them to reflect on and repair the [...]

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All Of The Good Teachers Have Already Quit…Or Are Thinking About It

"Ms. Greer, we need to take your planning period today. We have a class of students in In-School Suspension (ISS) who need coverage for their third period. I know you had a webinar scheduled for our upcoming unit on parallelograms, but you can watch that at home. We need all 'hands' on deck, and you're [...]

#RealTalk Why We Haven’t Quit Teaching

The past few articles I’ve written have been controversial.  The craziest response I’ve received has been “Wow! Can tell you are young and have a long way to go! In fact get out now! Your students and parents deserve it...” When I first read this response, my “irritated, frustrated, and over it” reaction was “I’m [...]