#RealTalk Why We Haven’t Quit Teaching

The past few articles I’ve written have been controversial.  The craziest response I’ve received has been “Wow! Can tell you are young and have a long way to go! In fact get out now! Your students and parents deserve it...” When I first read this response, my “irritated, frustrated, and over it” reaction was “I’m [...]

Is Teaching Even About Teaching Anymore?

“Teaching isn’t even about teaching anymore.” When these words flowed from my fellow coworker’s mouth, I felt my heart skip a beat.  She was absolutely right.  Although I’m still considered a newbie in this game called teaching, I knew exactly what she was talking about.  Teaching Has Become a Business From my limited view, I [...]

Opinion: Why Teachers Shouldn’t Write Curriculum

The word “curriculum,” as it pertains to education, can include everything from the materials used to teach our students to the planned learning experiences. If we think of the Common Core standards as the academic destination for our students (the “what” we want them to know and be able to do), our curriculum is the [...]