Donald Trump Isn’t the Problem…The U.S. Education System Is

When You Can't Repeat the President's Words... Last week The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump had an issue with immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries coming to the United States. You probably heard about his choice of language, so I won't repeat it here. As usual, there was outrage and condemnation from [...]

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The Pastor and the President: Race in the American Classroom Today

I am writing on the eve of Martin Luther King, Jr Day, 2018 not just as a social studies teacher, but as an American citizen. I am a pastor’s kid, so I grew up hearing the Christian message of loving one’s neighbor as oneself and to love mercy, do justice, and to walk humbly with [...]

Let’s Embrace the Move to Standards-Based Grading

When my Principal mentioned that we would start the move towards Standards-Based grading next year, all I saw were looks of horror on most teachers’ faces. Look, I get it. Change is hard. Super hard. Among all the other tasks teachers are charged with, adding another just seems… impossible. But I also believe that change [...]

Extinguish the Flame and Stop Burning the Midnight Oil

Educators are notorious for arriving to school early and staying way past the end of the school day.  Even the weekends aren’t off limits.  Some work in their classrooms part of Saturday and return on Sunday.  Many times these educators find themselves being asked to leave by the custodial staff.  It’s time to blow out [...]

Why I Want to Karate-Chop the SmartBoard and 19 Other Rants

Why I want to karate-chop the SmartBoard I worked for a district who had the nicest SmartBoards and projectors around. I liked them, they were easy to use, and they were only there a few years. But, the darndest thing happened: the same year we took a forced pay freeze, the district purchased new equipment [...]