Hiding in the School Building: Why Lockdown Drills Suck

We had our first lockdown drill today. For anyone unfamiliar with these drills, it’s practice for not if, but when we have an armed intruder in our school. It involves hiding all students away from any windows or doors and locking them in a secure place. If I am being completely honest, these drills make [...]

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TEACHING RESPECT: Removing Creativity Hinders Respect for Teachers

Lack of respect is something that I've discussed with many of my fellow educators, as it has seemingly run rampant in recent years.  The product of our discussions usually center around our love for teaching, but also, we discuss how difficult it has become to maintain in an environment where we do not feel respected [...]

I No Longer Want to Be Professionally Developed Due to Brain Overload

I love conferences. I always have, and now that I’m working in education, I love them even more. My background is in history and archaeology, so there was always a lot of them. You would prepare research, or just go and listen to what other people in the field were doing. Plus, it was always [...]

It’s Time to Build The Case for More Vo-Tech Classes

A recent PDK poll shows that 82% of Americans support job-skills classes, even if it's at the expense of academic classes. Additionally, 86% believe schools should offer certificate / licensing programs that lead to jobs. But they're forgetting one very big thing: this type of education already exists. It's just that everybody forgets vocational-technical training. And [...]