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5 Things to Consider Before Coming out as LGBTQ+ in the Classroom

By: Tory Waggoner I came out to my students as both queer and gender nonconforming while working in a district just outside of Portland, OR. I was not prepared for the backlash I faced from colleagues, students, and parents. I thought in the liberal mecca of the Portland metro area that I would be relatively safe, [...]

[Opinion] Ending School Terrorism

Guest Writer: Doug Carroll, Ed. D. In a free society, there is an expectation in the exchange for protection by the government a certain amount of personal liberty will be voluntarily sacrificed. Since the terror attacks on 9/11, U.S. citizens have invested trillions of dollars to protect the homeland from terror attacks diverting scarce financial [...]

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Watch Your Demonstrative Adjectives: Culturally Responsive Teacher Talk

Guest Writer By LaToya Morrison The Adjectives Demonstrative adjectives are simply adjectives that are used to modify or describe a noun. Grammatically, they are necessary so that one knows which specific person, place or thing is mentioned. In the context of language and grammar study, demonstrative adjectives are important; however, in the context of teacher [...]

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Creating Dialogue: Teaching Conversation in the 21st Century Classroom

Like fingerprints, each student comes with their own unique perspective; and on top of that, their perspective will also be influenced by social, cultural and political practices. It is this diversity that makes our lives interesting. When we accept that these differences occur, it gives us the ability to learn, to develop our own ideas [...]

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