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The Case for Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Guest Writer: Maya El-Darzi Maya El-Darzi has a bachelor's degree in both political science and history, as well as a master's degree in history and teaching. Maya currently teaches World and US History at a local high school. Security guards, cameras, and inflexible discipline codes - these elements constitute the zero-tolerance behavioral policy schools have [...]

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Bitmoji Classrooms Are the Rage…Here’s Some of the Best Ones We’ve Found

As educators across the country struggle with the lack of response from our country's top leadership around COVID-19, many of them have taken up hobbies to further connect them to their classrooms. Enter Bitmoji Classrooms, the new craze where educators make virtual classrooms to not only deliver content but to engage students through hyperlinks to [...]

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Opinion: The White House Just Gave My School 8 Recommendations for Reopening Schools During COVID-19. Here’s Mine.

By Thomas Courtney President Donald J. Trump just declared that teachers and students should go back to school and he gave us eight pieces of advice--may be to help swallow this magical pill. For a national symptom that in his fumbling idiocy he caused in at least part, and for which he takes no responsibility. [...]

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