About Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is a veteran educator committed to finding new and exciting ways to reach the young minds she molds in her classroom each day.Her creative educational concepts have helped ignite a fire in the minds of hundreds of the world’s most impressionable and vulnerable youth. Through her own classroom and through mentoring and advising new teachers, Michelle is dedicated to Fueling Great Minds. You can find her blogging about teaching strategies on her blog at fuelgreatminds.com/blog. To get more teaching tips you can follow Michelle on Twitter @theignitedteach or like her Facebook page The Ignited Teacher.

Can Public Schools Survive the Era of School Choice?

Last week Betsy DeVos was tapped as the Secretary of Education by the incoming Trump administration. Now many educators in traditional public schools are cringing and bracing for the worst because DeVos is known in Michigan for her support of school vouchers and charter schools, often called "school choice." The charter school topic can be a very [...]