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With the current state of affairs, learning has been moved online. Teachers and parents are having to homeschool and supplement their children’s instruction. Let’s not forget the importance of math in the process! Here some of the best websites from my experience for math instruction: 

Khan Academy: This is an exceptional site for learning various math concepts. The direct instruction is a highlight. The site is organized by grade level and subject. I highly recommend this site for parents who may be assisting their children with certain concepts they are not familiar with.

NCTM Illuminations: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has developed an interactive site with a variety of math lessons. I used this site in my classroom and my students loved it! There are lesson plans, games and brain teasers. They are even organized by the NCTM or the Common Core math standards. 

LearnZillion: This is another site that provides targeted instruction for math and ELA concepts. I would often use this site as an introduction before modeling or as resources students could use while working independently (to encourage self-regulation).

Prodigy: A site that teachers and parents can use to motivate their students to practice math concepts. Students take a placement test in order to gauge their proximal zone of development. After the placement tests, students are able to play games within their level of understanding. Playing games is an awesome way to learn math!

MobyMax: This is another interactive site that gives students the opportunity to work on fixing their learning gaps through games. Students can work on fact fluency as well as other math concepts. 

Of course, there are hundreds of other websites out there, but these are some of the ones I have vetted and recommend. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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