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Thomas Courtney is a senior policy fellow with Teach Plus, CA, a guide teacher with SDSU, and a fifth-grade teacher in San Diego, California. He was also once a teacher aide in a first-grade classroom with Mary Merrill at Balboa Elementary--just down the street.

A Final Lesson For Us All in Propaganda as a Teacher

Recently, a teacher in Paris named Samuel Paty was beheaded after giving a lesson on the importance of freedom of thought. With all going on in the news these days, I barely noticed it at first. Yet, as I wrote recently, a dangerous ideology that subverts free and intellectual discourse is growing and making inroads [...]

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Mentoring: It’s Time To Rethink Para-Educators

Mentoring. Recently,  several articles have appeared suggested mentoring may be a way to help with the academic loss that educators are calling the “covid slide”. That’s abuzz too, and for good reason. But I’m just as concerned, if not more so, about Natasha, who even in class is so incredibly shy that she can barely [...]

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Opinion: The White House Just Gave My School 8 Recommendations for Reopening Schools During COVID-19. Here’s Mine.

By Thomas Courtney President Donald J. Trump just declared that teachers and students should go back to school and he gave us eight pieces of advice--may be to help swallow this magical pill. For a national symptom that in his fumbling idiocy he caused in at least part, and for which he takes no responsibility. [...]

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