Teaching Freshman Students How to Filter Themselves

The Freshman Filter Teaching freshmen students can be a very strange challenge at times. When I started teaching, I remembered that freshman year was one of the changes. I’ll be honest; one of the things that made me want to teach middle school or freshman in high school was the way students in this age [...]

Yes, Breaking Up (with a text) is Hard to Do

It's not you. It's the text. It's moving on...to another grade level. "I just don't understand why...." you catch your breath, "it's been the only book I liked ...no, I loved... to teach."   You pause, 'Why does it have to leave?" After all, you and the book have been together for school years. You [...]

Book Review: The Smartest Kids in the World

The inside cover of Amanda Ripley's book asks the question, "What's it like to be a child in the world's new education superpowers?" - namely South Korea, Poland, and - yes, of course - Finland. To accomplish this, she follows the lives of three separate American teens who serve as foreign exchange students there. In [...]

Hiding in the School Building: Why Lockdown Drills Suck

We had our first lockdown drill today. For anyone unfamiliar with these drills, it’s practice for not if, but when we have an armed intruder in our school. It involves hiding all students away from any windows or doors and locking them in a secure place. If I am being completely honest, these drills make [...]

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