Dear Generation X: It is Now, or Never.

I see us on Facebook. On the soccer field. In the classroom. We are the generation born between 1961–1981. We are now finally of age. We thought adulthood began at 18, but that was just a stepping stone. No, we are now parents, for fuck’s sake. We are in charge. Many of us are educators.  [...]

Students Need “Specials”

What is the practical purpose of those "specials" kids have in school- you know, P.E., Art, Music, Library? There is even another special to simply help kids keep up with the gadgets that find their way into schools: a Technology class! Do these specials interfere with the demands for academic proficiency? Do they make it [...]

Coaching the Coaches: the Benefits of Instructional Coaches

Many teachers consider themselves to be coaches rather than just instructors. We are not just imparting knowledge, but we are there to mentor our students and develop them into becoming better thinkers, writers, readers, doers.  We don't bark orders, rather we kneel down and workshop papers and assist in labs and calculations. It is reasonable to [...]

Stressed out Students: What Has Changed and How Can We Help?

School district 204 in Naperville, Illinois has been on the news a lot lately, and not for its awesome test scores and stellar college acceptance rates. Last school year alone, District 204 experienced three student deaths, two of which were ruled to be suicides. According to Michelle Rusk, a suicide expert, she claims that the [...]

Coaching the Players: Teaching the Teachers

Note: This idea came to me upon receiving my promotion as an Instructional Coach. A close friend gave me a (Sports Coach) whistle, along with a great card and a balloon to help me celebrate. I keep my whistle hanging in my office right next to my calendar to remind me of the similarities in [...]