Class Meetings: A Strategy to Deal With Disruptions to Your Classroom Aura

The school year is off to a great start. You’ve spent the first few weeks building relationships with your students and creating communities where students can share and feel safe enough to be themselves. Your students are learning about you and your teaching style, while you are learning about their individual learning styles. Everything is [...]

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It’s Time to Build The Case for More Vo-Tech Classes

A recent PDK poll shows that 82% of Americans support job-skills classes, even if it's at the expense of academic classes. Additionally, 86% believe schools should offer certificate / licensing programs that lead to jobs. But they're forgetting one very big thing: this type of education already exists. It's just that everybody forgets vocational-technical training. And [...]

The Argument for Multi-Grade Classrooms in Today’s Schools

The idea behind having a variety of ages, or grades, in one classroom, should not be a foreign concept. On any given day, most adults interact with individuals from an assortment of populations: family members, co-workers, neighbors, service personnel, teammates, etc… Rarely outside of schools do you see individuals grouped based on a specific age. [...]

Digging into Learning: Deep Learning Takes Root in the School Garden

“Peanut Butter! Peanut Butter!” squeals a spirited 3rd grader and instantly everyone stops,  racing over to see what's   been found this time.  You see, “peanut butter” is the code word students agreed upon to alert others when they find something cool. It can be a squirmy worm, a gorging caterpillar, an oddly shaped seed, [...]

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What if We Eliminated Standardized Testing?

A significant amount of research has pointed towards standardized testing causing a high level of stress in students, and teachers alike. While the merit of standardized testing can, has, and will continue to be argued over for years to come, imagine for a moment a world in which standardized testing is eliminated from K-12 education altogether. I [...]