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Taking the Anxiety Out of Student Placement in Special Education

If you are like me you get very invested in your students in special education. So invested that it is difficult to release them to the next special education teacher. I teach kindergarten through third grade mild/moderate special education in a resource room, so some of my kids loop up with me the next year [...]

Making Special Education Work For Everyone

I teach in a mild/moderate special education classroom, meaning that all of my kids are on IEPs and have been placed in my room because they meet disability criteria that my school district recognizes. They are able to attend a regular education classroom for all other subjects besides reading, language arts, math and adaptive behavior. [...]

Student Teaching Diaries: Before We Start

Teaching is about learning.  Teachers take classes to learn about content, strategies, behavior, classroom management and more.  In order to move our educational system forward, however, the knowledge, experience, and expertise of master teachers needs to be shared with those entering the profession.  Each college has its own path for how this learning takes place; [...]

Learning To Teach: Helping Pre-Service Teachers

I am blessed to live in a small community just outside of a university town.  With this comes the opportunity to have pre-service teachers in my classroom.  While learning to teach, they are also my students.  I have had the opportunity to work with early field students just beginning their educational work, students in their "block" classes beginning to teach [...]

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