Education is Changing, and We Must be Ready. An Unemployed Teacher Offers a Place to Start for the New Year.

  To buy Cari's book that details her sudden unemployment, "How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks" please click here.  As a teacher who has been out of work for almost two years now, I find the holidays bring an interesting sense of out-of-sync timing.  I can clearly remember the visceral relief at the [...]

The School Zone: Keeping In Touch With Teaching

This is that marvelous time of the school year when teachers can begin to see that (sometimes desperately) needed break coming in December.  Some schools even get an entire week off for Thanksgiving, and that’s right around the corner!  Often parent-teacher conferences happen around this time of year, and there are grading days to [...]

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Substituting – The Not-Quite-Teaching of Teaching

One of the new adventures I've embarked upon since my layoff in 2011 is substitute teaching.  Many unemployed teachers I've spoken to have been substituting for a very long time, sometimes half a decade or more, waiting to get back into a permanent position.  Substituting can be one of the worst – or best – situations in which an [...]

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Teachable Moments During Teacher Unemployment

As teachers, we instinctively look for those teachable moments in the classroom.  You know them – those moments when suddenly space and time open up to reveal an opportunity to take what is at hand and turn it into a way to delve more deeply into whatever subject we are teaching.  Exercising this habit outside [...]