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Education is Changing, and We Must be Ready. An Unemployed Teacher Offers a Place to Start for the New Year.

  To buy Cari's book that details her sudden unemployment, "How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks" please click here.  As a teacher who has been out of work for almost two years now, I find the holidays bring an interesting sense of out-of-sync timing.  I can clearly remember the visceral relief at the [...]

Substituting – The Not-Quite-Teaching of Teaching

One of the new adventures I've embarked upon since my layoff in 2011 is substitute teaching.  Many unemployed teachers I've spoken to have been substituting for a very long time, sometimes half a decade or more, waiting to get back into a permanent position.  Substituting can be one of the worst – or best – situations in which an [...]

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Teachable Moments During Teacher Unemployment

As teachers, we instinctively look for those teachable moments in the classroom.  You know them – those moments when suddenly space and time open up to reveal an opportunity to take what is at hand and turn it into a way to delve more deeply into whatever subject we are teaching.  Exercising this habit outside [...]

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