MattMName: Matthew M.

School: Kalamazoo Public Schools

Years Teaching: 10+ years

Specialty: Social Studies


Congratulations to Matthew M., our Stellar Educator of the Week! 

Matt was nominated by one of his colleagues, who reveals some of the amazing ways he connects with his students:

I first met Matt when he was helping the whole secondary Social Studies to get on board with technology, state standards and common assessments. He was teaching at the other high school in Kalamazoo at the time. I since have team taught with him, and he uses every available means to help all students from special needs to the gifted give their best and grow academically. Matt uses his website, his electronic portfolio, and Reminder 101 to help bring out the best in each of his students, and to help their parents to know what their children should be doing. Matt helped to take students to a Living History Project done at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center and added technology and new ideas to this project.

Matt is the kind of innovative teacher that we really admire.  He has not only put incredible effort, skill and strategy into his teaching, he has defined his expertise and made himself accessible in multiple ways.  In 2011, Matt won the Michigan Education Association Excellence in Education Award for the entire state.  Since then he has continued to invest his energy and passion for teaching into his classroom and into helping other teachers increase their professional potential.  Check out Matt’s website to see more of his amazing accomplishments and how he has infused his education career with technology and ways to enhance his students’ experiences!

We can tell Matt is a lifetime learner and gifted educator because he says that more often than not, his students teach him as much as he teaches them.

We are inspired by you, Matt, and we think YOU are a Stellar Educator!


Do you know a Stellar Educator in your building? If so, nominate them here. Every week a new educator is highlighted!

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