teacher awardName: Eileen B.

School: School District of Philadelphia, PA

Years Teaching: 10+ years

Specialty: Elementary Education


Congratulations to Eileen B., our Stellar Educator of the Week! 

Eileen was nominated by one of her colleagues, who sings her praises about how she preps her young pupils for success in their academic lives:

Eileen came into Elementary Education late in her life. She worked as a preschool educator before getting her Elementary Ed degree and coming to work at our school in Grade 4. Eileen is driven to find what methods are going to work for a child and uses everything she knows to get her pupils on the right path. She is very strict, but both students and parents realize she has the children’s learning in mind always.

No matter what the subject, Eileen is capable of teaching both children and adults in professional development. I always knew the children who came from her room to mine were going to do well in math, writing and reading strategies. I’d send my children to be her pupils if they were younger. I can’t think of a higher compliment.

Sticking with early education is tough these days, and so we commend Eileen for her dedication and the way she channels her experiences to not only benefit her students, but also her colleagues.  Examples of teachers like Eileen really inspire us to have great hopes for the futures of our students!

Eileen, Congratulations and thank you!  We think YOU are a Stellar Educator!


Do you know a Stellar Educator in your building? If so, nominate them here. Every week a new educator is highlighted!

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