5 Strategies to Help Shy Students Succeed in Classroom Discussions

In my early years of teaching, I spent much of my time and energy focused on classroom management. Included in this was teaching students how to have a productive classroom discussion. I would plan mini-lessons about appropriate interjections, how to respond to someone who disagrees with your viewpoint (without being aggressively loud and using profanity), [...]

Stopping Sexual Harassment in Schools: What the #metoo Movement Means For Educators

Over the past few weeks the phrase “#me too,” has appeared countless times on different social media platforms. This movement, spurred by the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a powerful producer in Hollywood, spurred millions of women to share their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse by men throughout their personal and professional [...]

Secondary Trauma and The Teachers That It Affects

It is 30 days into the school year. So far I have listened to or read stories about my students experiencing homelessness, bullying, deaths of family members, suicidal thoughts, and sexual abuse. These traumatic events weigh down on our students. Unfortunately, as we know, our schools do not have enough mental health supports. If we [...]

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Response To Intervention: One Teacher’s Story

A decade ago, I was the first classroom teacher at my elementary school to complete a round of RTI.  The counselor, principal and I went into the process with confusion, determined to get a struggling third-grade student the help she needed.  Since those early RTI days, I’ve provided tier II and III interventions and watched [...]

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Teachers Talk about RTI: The Educator’s Room Survey Results

RTI - Response to Intervention - has made its way to the top of the list of most commonly used education acronyms.  Since changes to policy language in the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), the Response to Intervention framework has emerged as the favored way to identify students with learning disabilities.  After a decade [...]