The Financial Trials and Tribulations of Teaching

The contents of this article may seem obvious, but when I was a new teacher fresh out of college, no one went over the basics of living as an adult with me. My parents passed away shortly after I started my teaching career, and I had to learn these financial survival skills from the school [...]

Dear TER Readers and Educators: Let’s Change the World

Dear TER Readers and Educators, I’m not asking for much, just your help changing the world.  It may sound like an overstatement, but I wholeheartedly believe that improving the American education system is the only path to lasting, meaningful change in all areas of society and citizenship.  I also wholeheartedly believe that the educators in [...]

Barbie Doll Teachers: Is That What We Want?

Should teachers be politically androgynous?  Barbie Dolls, besides lacking correct anatomy and proportions, perpetually smile-at everything. Their vapid expressions often connote brainlessness or at least ignorance. In essence, Barbie Dolls are passive, happy toys. For some Americans, the ideal image of a teacher is similar to that of a Barbie Doll: pleasant, non-confrontational, amusing, and [...]

Stressed out Students: What Has Changed and How Can We Help?

School district 204 in Naperville, Illinois has been on the news a lot lately, and not for its awesome test scores and stellar college acceptance rates. Last school year alone, District 204 experienced three student deaths, two of which were ruled to be suicides. According to Michelle Rusk, a suicide expert, she claims that the [...]

Don’t Be Tooled by Your Technology

Technology can be a tool, but also a trap The tools technology has brought to education can come with conveniences and learning opportunities. For example, many classrooms in my district, if not most, now have a SMART Board. I didn't even know what a SMART Board was until just a few years ago. Now my district [...]