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Dear Betsy, Thanks for the Memories

Dear Betsy,   I heard you resigned today because of all the bad things the president said at his insurrection party. You just finally had enough, huh?  Hey don’t worry, I agree with you. It wasn’t pretty. My students think so too. In fact, we didn’t like Trump’s rhetoric either. I guess we just noticed [...]

Separate But Unequal in Education: The Evil Stepsister of Separate and Equal

Rodney Walker is an African American U.S History teacher at a public school in Virginia. He is also an author specializing in alternative history and has published two novels. He speaks French and has spent four years teaching in North Africa. The notorious “Separate but Equal” doctrine may not have passed the litmus test of  [...]

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Is Miguel Cardona The Anti-Betsy DeVos?

Miguel Cardona, Commissioner of Education for the State of Connecticut and President-elect Biden’s nomination for Secretary of Education, in many ways, is the polar opposite of current Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. Unlike Devos, Cardona actually attended public schools; including a technical high school. He obtained his degrees (BA, MA, EdD) from state universities in [...]

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How the Expiration of Emergency Paid Leave Will Cripple Schools

There are plenty of things we want to put behind us in 2020: the businesses that have struggled, folks who have lost their jobs, and, most notably, the friends and family we've lost in the pandemic. One thing we cannot leave behind in 2020 is emergency paid leave, but that is set to happen when [...]

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