Gregory is hesitant when kids start hanging out in his classroom at lunch, looking to him for advice as the “cool teacher.”

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Who’s the coolest teacher you’ve ever had? Okay, you thought about it and probably smiled. For me, it was my AP Language teacher, Mrs. Padilla. She was maybe 4’5 and ruled her class like she was six feet tall. At Abbott Elementary, depending on the day, everyone’s favorite teacher may change, and this week it was Gregory’s (Tyler James Williams) turn.

Gregory’s Garden Goofballs

In this episode of Abbott Elementary, we find that Gregory is a magnet for the older kids and their relationship drama. It doesn’t matter if it’s during their free periods or lunch-the kids are there. But the interesting part is that Gregory does not want to be the cool teacher; he wants to be alone!

In addition to them discussing girl problems, the boys are farting (gross), and Gregory is outdone. Especially when he calls girls “females,” the boys point and laugh and make it hella awkward for Gregory. What’s worse when one of the boys, Javon, asks about what to buy his fourth-grade “girlfriend” for her birthday and suggests a chain for himself.

While Gregory advises against it, and ultimately, it backfires on him. Javon’s girlfriend finds Gregory in the hallway and is distraught, and Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) is angry that Gregory talked Javon into not getting his girlfriend a gift.

Jacob (Chris Perfetti) and Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) try to get Gregory to embrace the cool teacher title and the power it yields. While Gregory is hesitant, he does see how his relationship with the boys could be positive- as long as there are guardrails.

Amidst the girl drama, Janine’s ex, Tariq (Zack Fox), makes a return to Abbott Elementary because he’s been dating a girl who has a daughter in Barbara’s (Sheryl Lee Ralph) class. Speaking of Jeanine, she’s still struggling with being in the classroom and her impact. While Ava wants her to be a mole for her at the district, Jeanine is able to do one “good deed” by hiring a sign language interpreter for Jacob’s (Chris Perfetti) Classroom.

Join us next Wednesday at 9 pm EST for the next episode of Abbott Elementary.

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