About Mike Dunn

Mike currently serves as the Director of College Counseling and Upper School History teacher at a small independent school outside of Philadelphia. He teaches courses in interest/career exploration, college essay writing, college admissions fundamentals, and World History. He is also the Principal Consultant for Mike Dunn Educational Consulting.

The “Beta” List…
1) Chrome Jam
Simple, collaborative music making tool. Awesome for music class, or for your family.

2) Seashore
Alternative to the pricey Photoshop. This little program offers a great array of photo editing options. Because it is open source, it can be a little buggy, but well worth the $700 you will keep in your pocket by not buying Photoshop.

3) Pearltrees
The mention of this organization tool is mostly because it is fun and functionally intriguing. I use this tool to have students visually organize and represent their web research.

4) Spreaker
This is an awesome tool for encouraging students to be broadcasters and experts on their subjects. It allows you to collect and archive broadcasts as podcasts to access later.

5) ChromeCast
The jury is still out on this little dongle. I recently purchased one for home, but have yet to use it in the classroom. I am convinced that it could be a gamechanger, especially at only $35.

Click here for the Omega list.

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