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The more I teach, the more my compassion for students, parents, and teachers grows. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Teachers: The Way Home Is Through Baghdad

That holiday break we recently finished was not a vacation. It was only a breath, a moment of pause in a pandemic. Sure, many of us rested but how many educators feel refreshed and ready to return?  This piece is not about toxic positivity. No one has the patience for phrases like, "You got this!" or "We [...]

So, How Is [COVID] School Going?

I have fielded this question from family, friends, and neighbors. It is a simple question. I have been teaching social studies for over twenty-five years, so I should offer a concise answer. However, the question makes me stammer and equivocate.   I find myself thinking and sometimes saying the following: "It's weird." "I hate every minute [...]

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Was Someone Actually High When They Proposed The Hybrid Teaching Model?

The dark circles under my eyes have returned.   The fatigue is deep and familiar--it feels like January tired. And, today is only my third day of teaching in the hybrid model! My husband asked me how the first day went. I replied:  "It was not my best opening day."  On the first day, I taught sans [...]

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The American Teacher: Savior or Scapegoat?

Absolutely necessary; extremely important; crucial; necessary; key; vital; indispensable; needed; required; vitally important; critical; life-and-death; imperative; mandatory; compulsory; obligatory; compelling; urgent; pressing; burning; acute; paramount; preeminent;high-priority; significant; consequential. These words describe the word essential. Notice how many words are employed to define a single word. Anthropologists note that the higher a term is valued, the [...]

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