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The more I teach, the more my compassion for students, parents, and teachers grows. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Teacher, Suspended.

My classroom is now the kitchen table that I share with my eleven-year-old daughter. She is efficient in her work, completing it all before lunch and enjoying the remainder of her day. I, on the other hand, never stop. My days consist of running in place. The emails, the Facebook posts, the Remind texts, and [...]

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Teaching in a Time of Coronavirus Anxiety

Every day I cover at least one current event topic with my sophomore Global History and Geography classes.  Recently, only one issue dominates the coronavirus.  We began our discussions a month ago by looking at China and predicting the impact on the economy.  As the days progressed, we viewed pictures taken by NASA showing diminishing [...]

Dear Senator Warren: There are 3.2 Million Public School Teachers Who Know What We Need in Education

February 26, 2020 Dear Senator Warren: At the Democratic Primary Debate in Charleston, South Carolina, you proclaimed that you would hire a teacher as your Secretary of Education. If elected in 2020, your decision to hire a public school educator for this cabinet position would be a positive step away from the current administration's choice [...]

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Reflections on my 3rd Black History Month Celebration…

I have been teaching social studies for twenty-five years, eight of which I focused on United States History, but February 11, 2020, was my third celebration of black history. Although I am a veteran educator, I am a novice historian. I am a rookie at social justice, and my students are my mentors.  My third [...]