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Dear Verizon: You Have Been Schooled!

#ReverseTheFee! Remind.com recently announced that beginning on January 28, 2019, seven million Verizon customers would no longer receive texts from a free and beneficial education app known as Remind.   You may have been one of the millions of people who received the following email message from Remind.com:   Hi Laura, We’re sorry to write with [...]

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5 Things We Need to Know About The L.A. Teacher’s Strike

  ______________________________________________________________________ Due to the actions of teachers across the country last year, especially in Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kentucky, many have called 2018 "The Year Of The Teacher." But 2019 might just see a wave of "Red For Ed," as teachers in one of the largest school districts stage a significant strike involving over [...]

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America Already has a wall, it’s made up of teachers.

I debated whether to encourage my sophomore Global History students to watch President Trump's address on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.  Since 2016, it has been difficult to navigate how to incorporate civics and current events into my social studies classroom.  I desire student awareness, but I am concerned that any discussion of his speech, or [...]

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10 Teacher Resolutions for 2019

Happy 2019! I know that for most teachers the "new year" begins on the first day of teaching in either August or September.  However, the calendar does not lie--2018 is history--it's January 2019, the midpoint of the teaching year, which offers an opportunity for reflection.  In my school district the year 2020 is the focus year [...]

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