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Why is The Positivity Project Making My Kids So Negative?

Have you heard about the Positivity Project, sometimes referred to as "P2?" Maybe you have seen the hashtag:  #OtherPeopleMatter? Or possibly you have seen an adult or child wearing a green shirt or hat with the positivity project logo? The Positivity Project, started by two West Point-trained military veterans, was not initially about schools, but [...]

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When Tariffs Impact Schools

"Is the faculty meeting in the cafeteria, or the auditorium?" I ask two of my colleagues, who both give me smiles filled with bemusement. "We don't have an auditorium," comes the reply followed by a resentful chuckle. How could I forget that the auditorium is no longer operational and that an entire wing of a [...]

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Reflections on My First Black History Month

I am forty-four-years-old. I have been a social studies teacher for 23 Septembers. I have been a student of history all of my life. I have cared about civil rights forever. But, before this February, I have never celebrated Black History Month. I am both ashamed of my ignorance and enlightened by this experience--it is [...]