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The more I teach, the more my compassion for students, parents, and teachers grows. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Fellow educators, do you care about other people’s children? How about migrant children?

Fellow educators, you have made a career centered around giving to children.  You have worked diligently to become an expert in your curriculum, designing dynamic lessons while connecting to the whole child.  You might even call the students on your rosters, "your kids."  With your compassion for other people's children as a focus, I ask [...]

Classroom Real Estate: Navigating Change

If schools are like homes, then the location of a teacher’s classroom is often considered prime real estate. However, I did not know how much my neighborhood mattered until faced with forced relocation. Next year, the large suburban high school where I have taught since 2003 will move from random to integrated, from scattered to [...]

For the love of God, let the students sleep…start school later!

There are many aspects adults can agree on about teenagers. The most crucial acknowledgment is that they are a tired group. The research, the data, and the science all confirm that sleep matters. Bottom line: we need to start schools later — no earlier than 8:30 am. The AMA, AAP, and the CDC agree with the benefits of [...]

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