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Husband, father, and teacher. Hoping to earn full redemption through the written word and shaping the dangerous young minds of tomorrow.

This is Why Teachers Quit

Looking for a message about your value as an educator? Well then, an over-the-top active shooter drill is a perfect addition to the "reasons why teachers quit" list. Teachers know there are better ways to save lives. Subjecting children, schools, and teachers to the sick, sad theater of these drills is just one more trauma [...]

For Teachers Looking for Summer Fun… Lessons From Teaching My Daughter’s To Drive

Are you a teacher looking to invite some extra excitement into your summer break? I have just the thing for you! Take on prepping two teenage daughters for their driver's license road test. My number one (Charlie Chan speak for my oldest) is 19, and conventional wisdom would have most thinking that she should have [...]

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A School Boycott Isn’t the Way To End Gun Violence

On this suggested school boycott-let's be serious. In The Atlantic, former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan   suggested a massive nationwide school boycott to pressure our leaders into action to address gun violence. But a boycott of schools is not the way to pressure unwilling establishment leaders for better gun laws, and it is a shame that people considered to [...]

So You Want to Be a Teacher?

You need to really, really think about this. I’m not trying to scare you away; I’m just trying to prepare you. You can’t go thinking that liking kids, that kids liking you, that believing you can make a difference, that wanting to make a difference, that being smart-you can’t think that any of that is [...]

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