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Madison is a teacher at a public alternative high school for students with severe behavioral concerns. She has become an advocate for marginalized students and equity in education since entering alternative education. She loves to write about her passion for teaching and informing others about the realities of this career.

Results of the Election: What’s Next for Educators?

A week after the election, we have a much better grasp of what is to come in two short months. Joe Biden was declared the President-elect over the weekend, bringing many solace and others concern. Over the weekend, President-elect Joe Biden’s website was updated to include information on the transition that will take place in [...]

SPLC’s “Credit Overdue”: Why it Matters for Youth Offenders

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently released a report about the education challenges incarcerated youth face, called Credit Overdue. After exploring legislation, policies, and real-life experiences of youth in multiple states, the SPLC uncovered a troubling trend: many students who serve time in juvenile detention are not awarded credit for the coursework they complete at [...]

All the Things We Lose to Standardized Testing…Even During a Pandemic

While many debates on whether or not standardized testing should be a part of the 2020-2021 school year, I (and many other educators) are still wondering why it exists at all. Don’t get me wrong, I see value in data and tracking student progress. However, I absolutely do not see value in billion-dollar testing companies, [...]

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In Defense of Not Always Being Engaging: A Teacher’s Perspective

Teachers are constantly told today to “be engaging!” That incredibly vague buzzword is laced with pressure and expectations that many teachers find overwhelming. We are shown videos of the perfect teacher giving the perfect lesson - you know the type: there’s an expressive and passionate overdressed educator floating around the room, the kids are wide-eyed [...]

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