Madison Woodward, Author at The Educators Room

About Madison Woodward

Madison is a teacher at a public alternative high school for students with severe behavioral concerns. She has become an advocate for marginalized students and equity in education since entering alternative education. She loves to write about her passion for teaching and informing others about the realities of this career.

Teachers are Once Again Being Targeted by the Highest Office

It wasn’t enough that teachers were encouraged to go back to their classrooms during the height of the pandemic. It wasn’t enough that we were deemed essential workers to further a political agenda. And it wasn’t enough that our Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, pushed schools to reopen while continuing to provide absolutely zero leadership [...]

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Teaching in 2020: Where Everyone Gets a Choice, Except Teachers

As we continue to grapple with the changes that are impacting our communities, school reopening plans are at the forefront of most conversations. It is not hard to recognize that most everyone is flying by the seat of their pants as decisions are made and unmade with little notice. The issue of schools reopening continues [...]

Children Left Behind: Virtual Learning Isn’t the Culprit

Every day there is news about a district extending their remote learning, a company keeping their workers at home for another few months, and more calls for life to start going back to normal despite the bleak situation we find ourselves in. It is understandable to miss “normal” - going shopping could hardly be considered [...]