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Student Agency- The Essence of a Modern Classroom

Sanam Edwards is a teacher in DPS International, Gurgaon (India). She enjoys building the student's voice and choice within the classroom environment while infusing her quirky sense of humor into daily activities. She is an advocate for technology in the classroom and is constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage the students emotionally, [...]

White House Infrastructure Bill: What it Means for Equitable Education

Just two months into Joe Biden’s Presidency and one COVID-19 relief bill later, there are talks of a substantial infrastructure bill from administration insiders. The bill, which hopes to bring job opportunities to countless Americans, includes provisions related to climate change, pharmaceutical drug affordability, and childcare. The provisions that would have perhaps the most profound [...]

Teaching Black History for One Month a Year is not Enough

As February comes to a close, another Black History Month ends. No doubt, educators around North America and the world hopefully spent this month intentionally highlighting Black people and their achievements, and their contributions to our societies. Growing up in Jamaica, I hadn’t really had much experience with Black History Month (apart from seeing the [...]

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Opinion: The Teacher Stories We Tell Ourselves: Let’s Assume the Best

  We (yep, all of us) are stressed.  Students are swamped with work and desperate loneliness.  Parents are at their wits’ end trying to keep their jobs, kids, and sanity afloat.  Teachers are exhausted from the literal and emotional headache of online learning. Administrators are trying to balance the needs of their staff and students [...]

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