Moving From Teacher to Private Employee:Tips on How to Start the Process

Last week, over 300 Chicago teachers lost their jobs. Every year, teachers leave the profession for a myriad of reasons, but then come back because the private sector doesn’t seem to recognize our skills outside the classroom. Doesn’t matter the reason for not being in the classroom anymore, being jobless with a background in teaching [...]

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Family Planning as a Teacher

Last October, I told my boss that I was pregnant.  Naturally, he asked about the due date.  When I said that the baby was due two weeks after school ended, he said, “Perfect timing!”  I sighed relief.  When I was pregnant with my first child, my principal was not supportive; she suggested that I intentionally [...]

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150 Articles Later: A Reflection on My Time at The Educator’s Room

In October 2012, my local newspaper published "Exhaustion of the American Teacher" by John Kuhn. I remember reading the article once. Twice. Four-hundred times. It simply spoke every frustrated, burnt out end of my professional being. If you haven't read it yet, please stop reading this article and go there. So, like any curious reader, [...]