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Teach to the Rest: How the Pandemic Could Be the Best Thing for Education in 20 Years

What’s getting you through 2020’s chaos? For me, it’s the knowledge that education could change, and not by a little. As with all things education, I’m not alone of course, And many others have come before me. I know because I used the pandemic to read them all.  Reardon and Timar. Ravitch and Tatum, Delpit [...]

OPINION: I Chose The New Deputy Secretary of Education Myself Once

The school in which I teach, and now send my daughter to learn, lies in one of the lowest socioeconomic neighborhoods in San Diego.  Nearly all of its students qualify for free and reduced lunch, the vast majority of the students speak English as a second language and teachers teach their hearts out. But there’s [...]

What Does It Take To Keep A Republic?

After months of their own false accusations about voter fraud, many GOP leaders hid under the pews during the insurrection. Afterward, with public pressure mounting, some changed their votes to certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Just like that.  And as I was considering their quick change of mind, I listened to [...]

Turning The Page on Tragedy

My close friend and long-time colleague, Michelle, died three weeks ago. She was only forty years old. We shared thousands and thousands of students together over the past eighteen years. Her classroom is on the same floor as mine, just around the corner. We coached speech and debate together in our early twenties, created an [...]

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