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About Sarah Mattie

Sarah Mattie is a teaching artist exploring options outside of the traditional classroom after 10 years. She has a soft spot in her heart for middle schoolers and is particularly passionate about diversity and equity in education. She lives with her husband and four rescue cats, including a tripod kitty, and loves to listen to podcasts.

Job Requirements are Changing. How Can Parents and Students Adapt?

I am currently job-hunting outside of education, and I have noticed an interesting trend: jobs requiring a high school diploma are also requiring skills that are not typically on the standard high school curriculum. If your school provides them at all, it is likely that they will end up as elective courses. This includes jobs [...]

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Keeping Your Head Down?

Today, a listicle came across my Facebook feed, asking people what the worst piece of career advice they had ever received was. They ranged from the well-intentioned and seemingly sensible, to the outright insane. It made me think, What would mine be? “Keep your head down.” In all careers, I’m sure, but especially in teaching, [...]

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