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Former middle school English teacher who will always love the patterns and magic of words. Currently remotely working as an online tutor because I cannot NOT teach. It's in my blood.

The 5 Stages of Grief Pandemic Style

This morning I attended a virtual conference on Teacher Self Care presented by the Educator’s Room.  First of all, this was so nice to be connected with like-minded people and not feel isolated for a change.  During one session presented by Caitlin Mehra on emotions.  It was here I had my own “Aha” moment regarding [...]

Was it a Debate or a Debacle: My Seventh Grade Students Could Have Done Better

Man oh man, if you did not watch the first Presidential debate, you’ve probably read the morning headlines or morning tweets regarding it by now.  I believe the funniest tweet I’ve read suggested having Andy Cohen, of the Real Housewives shows, moderate instead.  Whoever said that made a good point.  Honestly, throw a middle school [...]

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Why Grieve For Someone Who Do Not Know: A Teacher’s Edition

After a long day of online tutoring, I took a brain break and began skimming my Twitter feed mindlessly.  Tweet after tweet flooded the screen posts announcing the untimely passing of Chadwick Boseman, the amazing actor who brought to life Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and my favorite -  T’Challa -The Black Panther.  I sat there [...]

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It’s A Done Deal… I Quit My Teaching Job Two Weeks Before School Started

Well - it’s a done deal.  Two weeks before the school year began I turned in my resignation to my school district after agonizing all summer awaiting news on how or what our protocols would be in reopening the schools this Fall.  I heard the news; I presented my letter.  In my head, I had [...]

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