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I’m Not a Lunch Bunch Kind of Teacher But COVID-19 Has Changed Me

  by Jennifer M. Sierra I’ve never been a “lunch bunch” kind of teacher. I’ve spent most of my career teaching high school—mostly juniors, a few sophomores, a few seniors. Even now, in my fourth year of teaching middle school, the concept of a lunch bunch is still way too elementary for me.  Additionally, it’s [...]

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Shaking, Sanitized Hands: Building New Student Relationships while Grieving Old Ones

My hands were shaking as the bell rang for the first day of the 2020-2021 school year. I know it sounds cliche to say that my hands were shaking. Everyone writes that their hands were shaking to indicate nervousness but I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that my hands were literally shaking so hard [...]

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Genius Hour: A Perfect Way to Make Virtual Learning BURST!

In the beginning ... On this particular day in my classroom, you would have found a service dog standing faithfully by their owner as she explained how her dog detected her insulin levels.  Or you might notice a laptop flashing intricate patterns of code while a robot zoomed up to you carrying a piece of [...]

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Mentoring: It’s Time To Rethink Para-Educators

Mentoring. Recently,  several articles have appeared suggested mentoring may be a way to help with the academic loss that educators are calling the “covid slide”. That’s abuzz too, and for good reason. But I’m just as concerned, if not more so, about Natasha, who even in class is so incredibly shy that she can barely [...]

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Whichever Way You Cut It School in 2020 is Hard

Guest Writer: Dr. Noor Ali, Principal, Al-Hamra Academy Fall 2020 school reopening has been a tricky, tricky business. It has been a time of untold stress and unfathomable planning. It has required flexing of all our known boundaries and delving into the great uncertainty that only a pandemic could unleash. From is this really a health [...]

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