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About Suzy Winter

Former middle school English teacher who will always love the patterns and magic of words. Currently remotely working as an online tutor because I cannot NOT teach. It's in my blood.

Painless Poetry: A Road Less Traveled

Painless Poetry "Gross!  I hate this stuff!" "This is too hard, I don't wanna do it!" "It never makes sense to me, it's all so weird." Then the calm voice of reason speaks-  "Ladies, we have to teach it,  it's part of the curriculum."   What is this dreaded standard?   Poetry. That single word would often [...]

One Step At A Time: My Go To Lesson With Van Gogh’s Starry Night

My Go-To Lesson If I were to ask you what is your “go-to” lesson, I bet a dozen donuts you could tell me all about it!  Well, one of my favorite ones involves several different variations of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  Small side story - while visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Dallas, we took [...]

Genius Hour: A Perfect Way to Make Virtual Learning BURST!

In the beginning ... On this particular day in my classroom, you would have found a service dog standing faithfully by their owner as she explained how her dog detected her insulin levels.  Or you might notice a laptop flashing intricate patterns of code while a robot zoomed up to you carrying a piece of [...]

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Working Remote or Remotely Working?A Day in the Life of Teacher Who Resigned

Before the school year began, I decided to resign as a teacher due to living in a pandemic riddled world.  I made my prayerful decision based on my health concerns and that of my husband.  No way would I risk exposing either of us to COVID-19 by entering a Petri dish environment of my classroom [...]

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