Teaching: Taking on the Moral Imperatives (Part II)

So now you're fierce, are you? Fierce like, how? For Part II, I want to talk more about being fierce. It's not just standing up against the onslaught of union-bashing and data mashing designed to demean teachers. It's being unafraid to fight for what kids really need And it's about actively pursuing greater understanding in order [...]

Teaching: Taking on the Moral Imperatives (Part I)

What moral imperatives? I have been thinking more about the moral imperatives of teaching. These imperatives can hinder instruction and progress. That's why the only option is to address and hopefully resolve them. They are moral imperatives because it's wrong to not handle them.  Preparing students academically-now that's the job, a duty. Consultants, education experts/leaders (folks who travel around and talk about [...]

Teaching Freshman Students How to Filter Themselves

The Freshman Filter Teaching freshmen students can be a very strange challenge at times. When I started teaching, I remembered that freshman year was one of the changes. I’ll be honest; one of the things that made me want to teach middle school or freshman in high school was the way students in this age [...]

Maintaining an Inclusive School Environment Through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. -Theodore Roosevelt An inclusive and supportive school climate is an important part of education for teachers, students, administrative staff, and parents. One of the ways that we can maintain a school culture that is inclusive is by ensuring that students have [...]

Making Special Education Work For Everyone

I teach in a mild/moderate special education classroom, meaning that all of my kids are on IEPs and have been placed in my room because they meet disability criteria that my school district recognizes. They are able to attend a regular education classroom for all other subjects besides reading, language arts, math and adaptive behavior. [...]