It’s time to talk about the culture of fear around standardized testing

The temperatures are warming. The skies are bright. The birds are chirping. Spring fever is in full effect, and everyone is awaiting summertime! Unfortunately for educators and students, there is a huge hump to get over...standardized testing. End of the year assessments are looming over us. It seems like the entire school year comes down [...]

For the love of God, let the students sleep…start school later!

There are many aspects adults can agree on about teenagers. The most crucial acknowledgment is that they are a tired group. The research, the data, and the science all confirm that sleep matters. Bottom line: we need to start schools later — no earlier than 8:30 am. The AMA, AAP, and the CDC agree with the benefits of [...]

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Is Your Teaching Experience an Abusive Relationship?

I know the title is a heavy one, but it’s a thought I’ve had since I started in this profession. I am in an abusive relationship with teaching. I know this isn’t everyone’s story. I see teachers all over Instagram discussing the love and dedication they have for their schools. Their leadership is great. Their [...]

Nipsey Hussle’s STEMulus Package

He was different. From the beginning, his mindset wasn't on diamonds, cars, and clout. He was more focused on the condition of his people. When interviewed as a young up and coming artist, he made it shockingly clear that he was not like other hip-hop artists. His first ever interview, in 2006 with Davey D, [...]