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The effects of holistic review on college admissions 

COVID-19 swept the globe in 2020, resulting in the most profound disruption in the history of education through widespread school closures. Although the full extent of its effects continues to be understood, the immediate consequence on student learning was evident as we quickly recognized the shortcomings of remote learning. Studies consistently show the pandemic led […]

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Cultural Exchange Teachers in the United States: Supporting The Need for Effective Mentorship Programs

The Cultural Exchange Teacher program of the United States State Department has been in existence since 1967, where teachers from diverse countries like the Philippines, Ghana, Mexico, and China have the privilege and opportunities to experience professional and personal growth and development in various areas of teaching specialization – including mathematics, science, English, and special […]

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What COVID Could Have Taught Us

Have you signed up for The Educator’s Room Daily Newsletter? Click here and support independent journalism! The three-year anniversary of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic coincides with my birthday. I remember having a school potluck on that Friday, not knowing the very next day that we would be informed that we would not be […]