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What Does It Take To Keep A Republic?

After months of their own false accusations about voter fraud, many GOP leaders hid under the pews during the insurrection. Afterward, with public pressure mounting, some changed their votes to certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Just like that.  And as I was considering their quick change of mind, I listened to [...]

Global Education: What We Don’t Teach Has Never Been More Important

As adults in a time of crisis, we turn to familiar sources. I find myself these days interested in the efforts of South Korea, in the singing balconies of Italy, and in the ways in which different nations have dealt with the virus. It helps me to interpret what is happening around me, and what [...]

Teachers, If You Can’t Tell the Truth, You Might Need a Different Job

What Is “Too Political,” Anyway?  There has always been a political line in the classroom, though its definition is becoming increasingly obscure.  In 2008, I remember asking my teacher who they voted for, and they demurred, saying it wasn’t their place to say. That’s what I thought teachers were supposed to do.  And in some [...]

Dear Betsy, Thanks for the Memories

Dear Betsy,   I heard you resigned today because of all the bad things the president said at his insurrection party. You just finally had enough, huh?  Hey don’t worry, I agree with you. It wasn’t pretty. My students think so too. In fact, we didn’t like Trump’s rhetoric either. I guess we just noticed [...]

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