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Stop Saying, “Of Course We Want to Be Back in Classrooms with Kids…”

Guest Writer: Emma Martin In the past 5 months as a teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has viewed educators in different ways. First, we were seen as heroes. Champions for students who put on our capes and, in mere days, rescued our kids from quarantine with online activities, social Zoom check-ins, driveway hellos, [...]

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Children Left Behind: Virtual Learning Isn’t the Culprit

Every day there is news about a district extending their remote learning, a company keeping their workers at home for another few months, and more calls for life to start going back to normal despite the bleak situation we find ourselves in. It is understandable to miss “normal” - going shopping could hardly be considered [...]

Can You Talk About That in Elementary School?

By: Dr. Rachael Mahmood “Can you really talk about that in elementary school?” My colleagues often ask me. Then think for a moment and confirm, “I don’t think you can!” As an elementary school teacher, I often feel the need to close the door when talking to students about sensitive social justice topics like race, [...]