School is Out for the Summer – What is Next?

"What is next for me personally?"  is great question.  In its simplicity and sincerity this question has  left me believing that someone actually cares about my answer.  Our middle and high school have already begun its professional development for next year's fall semester and a move towards implementing 1:1 IPads  for students.  Because this carries [...]

Teacher Branding 101: Present On Your Area of Expertise

As  teachers, how many times have we sat in professional development and listened to an educational consultant  tell us what would work with our students? They bring all kinds of pretty data, display boards and all sorts of testimonials, but for some reason their presentations usually do not move me, or other teachers. Many of my [...]

Teachers, Being Loyal May Cost You Your Professional Career

Yesterday in my staff meeting we found out that the founder of my school was leaving the school to pursue other career opportunities within the district. He was obviously torn between his decision to stay at the school he founded, but eventually opted to do what was best for him professionally. As he broke the [...]

Teacher Branding: The 12- 18 Month Rule

After effectively launching The Educator's Room, LLC and spearheading (and then helped write) my first two  books, "Keep the Fire Burning: Avoiding Teacher Burnout and "Behind the Desk" ," a lot of my educator friends always ask me the same question, "When am I going to leave the classroom?"  While I am flattered by the off-handed compliments, it got me [...]

{The Educator's Room Annual Conference} Call For Proposals Now Open!

Are you interested in presenting at our first annual conference?  Can you recall the path that led you to become a teacher?  Do you demonstrate your expertise and encourage fellow educators to do the same?   If so, please head over to our “Call for Presenters” section and enter your proposal for our first conference in [...]