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For the Teachers Who Don't Support Other Teachers

Every week in my inbox, I receive emails from teachers who are teetering on the edge of total breakdowns. Sometimes they’re stressed about their evaluations while other times they are stressed about the ever increasing workload being put on them, but more times than not, they’re in virtual tears because they cannot feed their families. Sometimes […]

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Education: It’s Not About You

Sitting around the table at a small Bistro Saturday night I enjoyed much-needed girl time with friends.  Three of us are teachers, all of us are mothers, and nothing is off-limits in the conversation.  We drifted among topics of kids and relationships.  Someone shared a story they had read about marriage.  The idea of the […]

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Twitter PLNs -Because Solutions in Education Must Include Teachers

I recently read a tweet by the National Education Association’s (NEA) president, Dennis Van Roekel, which brought me to this quote: “I’m so tired of OTHERS defining the solutions….without even asking those who do the work every day of their professional life.” Consider how solutions determined by others have determined the profound changes in education […]