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  • September Madness: 5 Thoughts For Young Teachers

    on Sep 22, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, New Teacher Bootcamp • with Comments


    Every March I fill out my bracket with hopes that the beloved Tom Izzo will take my Alma Mater’s Spartan hoop-squad to the final four for a shot at the NCAA Championship. Some part of me is hoping for the reincarnation of Mateen Cleaves to appear on the floor and usher the Spartans to the finals. Another part of me is still looking for the next Magic Johnson or Shawn Respert — Kalin Lucas is trying. Just as the madness of March gets my adrenaline going, keeps me awake at night, inspires me with hope

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  • 5 Tips from a Veteran Teacher: Surviving Your First Year

    on Mar 25, 14 • in Educator Professionalism, New Teacher Bootcamp • with Comments

    Lady Looking At Books Shows Education

    Congratulations on graduating and being hired! It’s exciting and thrilling to make it through college, find a job, and be looking forward to your very first year as a teacher. When I look back on my first year, I usually think of several things I wish someone else had told me. I’m now blessed with the opportunity to do that for others now.   1.  It’s a learning year. Every day you will learn something new and different. It may be about the people that you work with, your job, teaching, or yourself. Remember to

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  • Teacher Prep Programs Can Not Be a Dry Land Practice

    on Feb 10, 14 • in Educational Reform, Educator Professionalism, New Teacher Bootcamp • with Comments

    “Stand up. Now, put out your right arm,” the instructor was encouraging. “OK, pull your arm back past your body.” We all did as we were told. This was the first night of EDR 505, a graduate level course in teaching remedial reading to pre-school and elementary aged schoolchildren. “Now try with the other arm.” We waved our arms erratically in the air. He paused for a moment, looked amused and asked, “Can you teach someone to swim like this?” We all shook our heads in agreement: “No,” “Not Really,” “Probably not.” The 26 of us were

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  • Give Them A Hero- Advocating for Students

    on Jan 6, 14 • in From the Front Lines, New Teacher Bootcamp, Opinion, Parents • with Comments

    My family and I spent New Year’s Eve together, which may not sound like much, except that my three kids are 19, 17 and 14. I know they could have gone with friends, but they chose to stay home and ring in 2014 with mom, dad and grandma. I was so excited that they made that choice. Among a nice dinner, snacks and several very competitive rounds of spoons, I had a movie planned,  Rise of the Guardians. I love this movie, and even though I know my kids are the ages they are,

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  • Development of Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds

    on Oct 16, 13 • in Child Development, Featured, From the Front Lines, Instruction&Curriculum, Management, New Teacher Bootcamp, Parents • with Comments


    This article is part of a continuing series on Child Development.  To see Paula’s other articles, click here.   You gotta love the life of seven- and eight-year-olds. Let’s take a look into the developmental areas of these kiddos. Cognitive development: For the most part, these kids are fairly well established in their reading and math skills. Application is huge and they must ‘use or lose’ the skills they have learned. Kids at these ages are very competitive and eager to learn. They are serious thinkers and are able to solve more complex problems. Three

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