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  • The End of the Year Means the End of a Job for Many Teachers

    on May 27, 13 • in Featured, Opinion, The Unemployed Teacher • with Comments

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    The end of the school year is usually a time of concluding lessons, wrapping up projects, packing up classrooms, and looking forward to a bit of recovery time (however brief it might be).  Most of all, it brings a huge sigh of relief – the school year has been conquered!  But for many teachers this year, the end of the year marks a step into uncertainty and unpredictability because they have been laid off or in some other way lost their position. The pressure is high in many states that are struggling to meet revenue

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  • The Unemployed Teacher: Life After High School

    on Apr 3, 13 • in Featured, Opinion, The Unemployed Teacher • with Comments


    –an installment in the ongoing series The Unemployed Teacher— I enjoyed a two hour coffee get together with one of my former students the other day.  I was so energized after that meeting – and as I reflected on how proud I was of the path my student had followed after graduating from high school, and how happy I was just to have been able to hear all the news and share advice and ideas about our professional ventures – I realized my greatest reward as a teacher has been to see the lives my

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  • High Schools Need Dr. Seuss Time

    on Mar 1, 13 • in Literacy, Social Studies, The Unemployed Teacher • with Comments

    courtesy Dr. Seuss (TM)

    Normally March 2nd would pass without notice but this year I am embracing the 109th birthday celebration of Dr. Seuss in my high school classroom. Seuss is ageless and timeless. Many elementary school teachers and children’s librarians have embraced Read Across America’s promotion of “grab your hat and read with the cat”  but high schools tend to lose the connections to childhood things as we focus intently on preparing students for impending adulthood, college or career applications and many meaningful assessments. In our busy efforts to implement more literacy in 6 or 8 course specific

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  • New Directions: An Unemployed Teacher Looks at the Future and Creates a New Personal Brand

    on Jan 16, 13 • in Opinion, Teacher Branding, The Unemployed Teacher • with Comments

    I spent most of the first year after my layoff just wanting to go back.  Back to the job I had so passionately loved.  Back to the routine that was so familiar.  Back to the students with whom I felt so at home with.  Back to the career that had been moving along at a sedate but solid pace.  I just wanted to go back. I found a temporary position that first year, which assuaged my longing for the classroom.  It was a challenging position for me, and I grew from it.  But it was

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  • Education is Changing, and We Must be Ready. An Unemployed Teacher Offers a Place to Start for the New Year.

    on Jan 1, 13 • in Instruction&Curriculum, Opinion, Teacher Branding, The Unemployed Teacher • with Comments

    To buy Cari’s book that details her sudden unemployment, “How to Finish the Test When Your Pencil Breaks” please click here.  As a teacher who has been out of work for almost two years now, I find the holidays bring an interesting sense of out-of-sync timing.  I can clearly remember the visceral relief at the arrival of winter break – it’s so well deserved by the time it rolls around!  All of my teacher friends are now finally able to prepare for (and enjoy) the holidays and don’t have to go into the classroom for a

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