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The end of the year has finally come and you just finished dancing in the hallway with the other teachers while playing “Celebrate Good Times” on your cell phone. The halls look empty without students and your classroom is nearly cleaned out. You’re so used to stress that you don’t know what to do with yourself once the summer comes. So, what now? Summer should consist of relaxation for the stressed out teacher, but we often spend our summer working instead. We go to workshops. We plan for the next school year. Where’s the break? How do you take a real break? These relaxation tips for teachers of all disciplines will help you do your summer the right way.

6 Ridiculously Refreshing Summer Relaxation Tips for Teachers

-Plan a Family Vacation – Making time for family can make you feel so much better, especially if you spent the school year piled behind mounds of paperwork and grading. Top spots for a family vacation?

1.Honolulu, Hawaii contains child-friendly beaches and cool activities like snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. The hotels right on the beach make it easy to access all the fun stuff!

2.Yellowstone National Park will give your family the ultimate experience. Go camping, enjoy watching Old Faithful erupt, and taking family hikes on the awesome trails.

3.Yosemite National Park, like Yellowstone, offers great places to hike and camp, but you can also go mountain-climbing and rafting. Time for the ultimate adventure!

4.Washington, D.C. provides your kids with an opportunity to learn about the nation by going to the National Mall and viewing museums and monuments. For extra fun, go visit the National Zoo for free!

5.Of course, there’s the classic Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which, of course, provides the best in family accommodations. Go meet the big mouse, ride cool rides, and bond with the family while visiting all your favorite Disney characters.

-Sleep In! Enjoy the luxury of not setting your alarm clock and just chill in your bed for a while. Sleep does a body good, you know? According to Harvard University, sleep plays a huge role in your body’s immune function, memory, learning, metabolism, and other important functions.

-Eat Real Meals, like lunch AND dinner. Maybe you can even make time for breakfast now. You know it’s the most important meal of the day? Make your meals healthy ones, though. Now that you can skip the vending machines, you can eat home-cooked meals instead. You even have more than 10 minutes to eat now, so enjoy!

-Read a Good Book, and make it one that you don’t need to think too much about to read. Everyone needs a good fun book every now and then. Check out the New York Times Bestsellers list and see what you can check out at the library. Read whatever makes your heart happy!

-Get Some Sun! Go to your local beach or public pool if you don’t own one. Enjoy some time on the water, wear some sun screen, and get some Vitamin D. More than 3 million Americans a year suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to avoidance of the sun, which can cause you to feel sad, gain weight, and cause aches and pains. Go catch some rays and feel better.

-Do Whatever You Want! Just enjoy your time off. Don’t think about kids, planning, school improvement, or professional development for at least a month. You deserve this time off, so use it wisely!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find good relaxation tips for teachers during the summer, so take these tips and spend some time enjoying your summer for a change!

What Summer Relaxation Tips Do You Have for Teachers? 

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