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Teresa Cooper is a 30-something divorced mom and teacher from North Carolina. She has a Masters of Science in Education for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Creative from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Having struggled with anxiety and depression most of her life and later having birthed a child with autism, she is passionate about spreading awareness and acceptance of mental illness and autism. After 13 years in education, she has a wealth of knowledge to share on education and bonding with children.

PTSD in Teachers: Yes, It’s Real!

When you think about PTSD, what normally comes to mind? To most people, what comes to mind is war veterans, because of course, they go through some truly traumatic experiences that most of us can't even imagine. Their experiences are real and we should acknowledge them. At the same time, we also need to acknowledge [...]

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Teacher Anxiety: How to Cope With Anxiety Under Stress

As teachers deal with an enormous amount of stress that grows every year, very little research has actually shown the impact of that stress on teachers emotionally. Recognizing this fact, a preliminary study completed in 2014 in order to investigate teacher working conditions showed that 11% of teachers suffered from anxiety (Borrelli, Benevene, Fiorilli, Damelio, [...]

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Depression Kills Teachers if Left Untreated: It Should Not Kill Their Careers

Recently, I learned that I have been blackballed from a school district from what was cited as “poor performance” after receiving summary evaluation marks that demonstrated performance far above “poor.” In talking to people I used to work for, the only conclusion I could come to (since the school district failed to provide me with [...]

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Amidst Declining Mental Health in Teachers, What Can Administrators Do?

In 2017, a survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers and the Badass Teachers Association indicated that more than half of the teachers surveyed said their mental health was "not good" while a survey from 2015 showed that only 34% of teachers felt this way (USA Today, 2017). Unfortunately, amongst the many teachers I've [...]

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