About Bailey Cavender

Bailey Cavender is a high school English teacher in the wonderful state of Idaho.

The New Teacher Chronicles: The Benefits of Cross-Curricular Education

With the school year beginning to wind down, I’ve been thinking of new ways to improve and update my curriculum for next year. What are some things that worked really well, and what are some things that I want to update? This got me thinking of ways to make my lessons even more hands-on and [...]

A New Teacher’s Perspective: Ranting, Destressing, and Teacher Health

I suppose I should start off by saying that I love my job. It’s rewarding, fun, and, generally, awesome. However, some days, my job is also very frustrating. When my projector isn’t working, or when students are just not listening, I find myself feeling stressed out. In this, I know I am not alone. My [...]

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Building Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to read something, process what is saying, and understand what is saying. As an English teacher, I feel like teaching reading comprehension is one of the most important things that I teach my students. While students can be strong readers, sometimes they struggle with understanding the deeper meaning behind the [...]

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When Students Provide Perspective

Sometimes, I feel like I need a little perspective. Some days, I come home from work exhausted. Especially this week, the week before Thanksgiving Break. This is not something that is unique to me.  All week, I have seen posts on social media from other teachers that are feeling the same way. With daylight savings [...]