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About Bailey Cavender

Bailey Cavender is a high school English teacher in the wonderful state of Idaho.

In Defense of Classic Literature

Every so often, Twitter is abuzz with literary "hot takes." Some are anti-Shakespeare. Others want only contemporary literature in schools. Most of the time, they are about how awful some classic literature is. They talk about the classics, and how overrated they are. The comments range from agreement to shock. The Classics and Language One [...]

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Shaking Up the Literary Canon

As an English teacher, I've noticed that most students tend to gravitate towards contemporary novels, rather than classic literature. Many of them tend to relate better to the characters in modern literature. It makes sense that students would be drawn to these stories, with themes that can relate directly to their lives and struggles today. [...]

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Is School Boring? A Closer Look Into A Problem That Plagues Most Schools

I never found school boring when I was in high school. Challenging and frustrating? Yes, but never boring. So it always comes as a bit of a shock to me when students tell me how boring they find their high school classes today. The interesting thing about boring, of course, is that boring tends to [...]

Getting Children to Understand The Value of Teaching Shakespeare

Every year, I get to the part in my high school curriculum where I start to introduce Shakespeare's Macbeth. And every year, the students complain. "Why do we have to read this?" "What's even the point of Shakespeare?" "I don't understand anything that's happening right now." "What is this?!" And every year, I tell them [...]

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