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About Bailey Cavender

Bailey Cavender is a high school English teacher in the wonderful state of Idaho.

Support in Schools is a Circle

There is a lot going on right now. Protests, a pandemic, and so much uncertainty. In the midst of everything, we are also finishing up a school year. A school year that highlighted how necessary the internet is for everyone. And has been full of uncertainty. For students, parents, and teachers, this spring has been [...]

Opinion: Right Now Things Are Hard, But It’s Going to Be Fine

Right now, things are hard. Nothing feels fine, or normal. As we all know, teaching in person is different than teaching online. There are many things that we as educators are dealing with right now. How do we ensure that our students are learning, when there are some students without the ability to attend online [...]

In Defense of Classic Literature

Every so often, Twitter is abuzz with literary "hot takes." Some are anti-Shakespeare. Others want only contemporary literature in schools. Most of the time, they are about how awful some classic literature is. They talk about the classics, and how overrated they are. The comments range from agreement to shock. The Classics and Language One [...]

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