About Bailey Cavender

Bailey Cavender is a high school English teacher in the wonderful state of Idaho.

Digging Into Learning: Using Archaeology in the Classroom

There are some subjects that fascinate us. Archaeology is one such subject. Archaeology can take us to Egypt and the tombs of the Pharaohs, or unravel the mysteries in our own backyards. Many people go through an archaeology phase, though few become archaeologists. Plus, everyone likes digging in the dirt. The Society for American Archaeology [...]

Alternative Seating: Another Support

When most of us think of a classroom, we think of the traditional setup: several rows of desks all facing a blackboard, projector, or whiteboard. If we’re really being daring, those desks might be in pods, or in stadium-style rows. Sometimes, we have…tables! But there is a new trend that has come back around recently, [...]

Exploring Non-Traditional Education in the Classroom

Why do we have to read The Sea Wolf? William Shakespeare is dead, what does he have to do with us?  These are all common problems in any class in 2018-, especially for a newer teacher. Before I began teaching in the classroom setting, I worked in non-traditional education. Non-traditional education is learning through different methods, [...]

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