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About Cassandra Washington

Cassandra Washington is a semi-retired principal. She has 30 years of experience as a public school educator. Currently, she works as an Instructional Coach for a not-for-profit organization and a consultant for an educational publisher. Also, Cassandra publishes a blog,, and speaks at national conferences about teacher wellness.

Lead Racism Out of Your School

Racism is like water. When racism finds a way in, it seeps into every opening it can find. Does racism exist in your school? If you said no, then dig deeper because you're probably missing something. If you answered yes, what are you doing to lead racism out of your school? Racism in schools is [...]

I Saved Myself: Five Reasons Why Principals Leave Their Schools

Becoming a principal was a goal and dream of mine. I started as a classroom teacher, and a few years later, I returned to graduate school to receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership. Afterward, a principal job was a few years away, but I quickly found an assistant principal position. It was [...]