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About Emma-Kate Schaake

Emma-Kate Schaake is in her fifth year of teaching high school English in Washington. She is passionate about educational equity in curriculum design, classroom practices, teacher leadership, professional development, and student voice. She writes about her ongoing journey to unlearn myopic history, self reflect, and think critically about her role as an educator. She can be found on Instagram @mschaake

Fire the Canon: Curriculum is the Vehicle, Not the Destination

Fire the Canon: Curriculum is the Vehicle, Not the Destination It feels like every year around this time, the English department has a serious discussion about the curriculum. We start with valid PLC questions about key skills and standards at each grade level, but quickly devolve into how we taught specific canonical books and the [...]

At My Breaking Point: An Interview With An Educator Who Nearly Quit

At My Breaking Point: One Educator Reflects This year has pushed so many educators to their breaking points. One of the most passionate, creative, and loving teachers I know very nearly quit her job. She’s an English Language Arts and reading specialist at a Title 1 middle school in a rural, coastal town in Washington. [...]

Pronouns: The Least We Can Do for Students Who Identify As Transgender or Non-Binary

Discomfort For Solidarity  In a recent staff equity meeting, the concept of staff responsibility in gender pronouns came up. It seemed that everyone there had at least one student who used pronouns that didn’t necessarily align with the sex they were assigned at birth. And, they all fully supported the importance of honoring student’s pronouns  [...]

Opinion: The Teacher Stories We Tell Ourselves: Let’s Assume the Best

  We (yep, all of us) are stressed.  Students are swamped with work and desperate loneliness.  Parents are at their wits’ end trying to keep their jobs, kids, and sanity afloat.  Teachers are exhausted from the literal and emotional headache of online learning. Administrators are trying to balance the needs of their staff and students [...]

Teachers, If You Can’t Tell the Truth, You Might Need a Different Job

What Is “Too Political,” Anyway?  There has always been a political line in the classroom, though its definition is becoming increasingly obscure.  In 2008, I remember asking my teacher who they voted for, and they demurred, saying it wasn’t their place to say. That’s what I thought teachers were supposed to do.  And in some [...]

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