Extinguish the Flame and Stop Burning the Midnight Oil

Educators are notorious for arriving at school early and staying way past the end of the school day.  Even the weekends aren’t off limits.  Some work in their classrooms part of Saturday and return on Sunday.  Many times these educators find themselves being asked to leave by the custodial staff.  It’s time to blow out [...]

Is 2018 the Year for You to Teach at a New School?

Among education writers, I am most known for my piece, “Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools.” Currently, this piece has been read more than 650,000 times.  This piece struck a chord with educators around the country because the reality is many teachers are not happy working in their current school environment and although the principal has [...]

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Staying Engaged and Motivated Around the Holidays

As teachers, we often talk about ways to keep our students engaged and motivated during the holiday season. With lengthy breaks just around the corner, it can be easy for them to lose steam. But what about for us as teachers? The reality is that teachers, just as much as students, look forward to time off. [...]

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When Students Provide Perspective

Sometimes, I feel like I need a little perspective. Some days, I come home from work exhausted. Especially this week, the week before Thanksgiving Break. This is not something that is unique to me.  All week, I have seen posts on social media from other teachers that are feeling the same way. With daylight savings [...]

Teachers who Practice Self-Care: Selfish or Sustainable?

Teacher burnout is a phrase that we hear all too often in the field of education, and it's no wonder with all that teachers must juggle day in and day out. Most teachers take their work home: planning, grading and brainstorming well into the evening and on the weekend. Add those tasks to extra-curricular activities [...]

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