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About Maria Kruzdlo

A 4th grade teacher in New Jersey who strives to provide authentic learning experiences for her students every day. A former journalist and public relations account executive who found her true calling in teaching the leaders of tomorrow. An avid reader and life-long learner who is always eager for a new challenge.

Digging into Learning: Deep Learning Takes Root in the School Garden

“Peanut Butter! Peanut Butter!” squeals a spirited 3rd grader and instantly everyone stops,  racing over to see what's   been found this time.  You see, “peanut butter” is the code word students agreed upon to alert others when they find something cool. It can be a squirmy worm, a gorging caterpillar, an oddly shaped seed, [...]

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TED Talks in the Classroom: Students Become the Teachers

Peaceful art Why adults should play children’s games Positivity and perseverance can get you to your goals Be yourself and follow your passion The value of the Venus Fly Trap How to solve the Pyraminx Living with epilepsy does not have to dampen dreams.... These are not articles by the latest education expert or motivational [...]

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