About Ruben Brosbe

Ruben Brosbe is a fourth grade teacher in Harlem, New York City. He is passionate about social justice oriented project based learning, and finds that young people make the best activists. When he is not teaching Ruben likes to explore new neighborhoods in NYC or cook.

A Talk To Teachers: This School Year, Let’s “Go for Broke”

"We are in a revolutionary situation, no matter how unpopular that word has become in this country. The society in which we live is desperately menaced, not by Khrushchev, but from within. So any citizen of this country who figures himself as responsible-and particularly those of you who deal with the minds and hearts of [...]

Equity in the Classroom: Content, Pedagogy, and Results

Recently the conversation about social justice in education and generally has shifted from equality to equity. As many before me have noted, equality focuses on every student getting the same resources or supports. Equity, on the other hand, requires that we give every young person what they need to be successful. This idea has also been [...]

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Don’t Fear Conflict in Your Classroom

I'm in my eighth year of teaching, and I'm still constantly realizing new things about teaching. Most recently, I realized that I was afraid of conflict in my classroom. Since I started teaching, it's been drilled into my head that the first and foremost marker of a successful teacher is strong classroom management. Classroom management can [...]

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