About Ruben Brosbe

Ruben Brosbe is a fourth grade teacher in Harlem, New York City. He is passionate about social justice oriented project based learning, and finds that young people make the best activists. When he is not teaching Ruben likes to explore new neighborhoods in NYC or cook.

Donald Trump Isn’t the Problem…The U.S. Education System Is

When You Can't Repeat the President's Words... Last week The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump had an issue with immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries coming to the United States. You probably heard about his choice of language, so I won't repeat it here. As usual, there was outrage and condemnation from [...]

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Secondary Trauma and The Teachers That It Affects

It is 30 days into the school year. So far I have listened to or read stories about my students experiencing homelessness, bullying, deaths of family members, suicidal thoughts, and sexual abuse. These traumatic events weigh down on our students. Unfortunately, as we know, our schools do not have enough mental health supports. If we [...]

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Why I Create a Class Motto

Why do I spend several lessons during my first weeks of school creating a class motto? There's so much to do. Students need to learn rules, routines, and procedures. There's the beginning of the year assessments. And the curriculum isn't waiting. Still, despite these many pressures, I find it worthwhile to take two or three [...]

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