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The Gift of Giving: Sabbaticals for Teachers are Needed!

  I just read an interesting blog on Surviving Teaching by Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis and John Kuhn’s viral hit, The Exhaustion of the American Teacher.  Teacher burnout is a perennial problem. It is impossible to survive with idealism, purpose and dignity intact amid changing mandates, recessions, and media inflamed paranoia about American public education. Public schools do not advertise or […]

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Gaming Dialogues Serve a Vital Purpose

The majority of homework in elementary schools and high schools tends to be practice or preparation, leaving less than 30% for integration, interpretation opportunities (Brozo, 2010). The Common Core  is shifting assessment from a focus on skills and gains of knowledge to information analysis, critical evaluation, and expression of new understanding (CCSSI; This means our […]

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"No," Cico said, "it’s just a game." Bringing Gaming to Education

The spear whistled through the air, but the aim was low. The huge tail swished and contemptuously flipped it aside. Then the black form dropped into the foaming waters. “Missed,” Cico groaned. He retrieved his line slowly… “Are you sorry you missed?” I asked as we slid our feet into the cool water. “No,” Cico […]

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Parent Teacher Partnerships Provide the Best Literacy Opportunities

I admit becoming a parent made me more aware of what I loved and feared in education.  I went through an intense stage of self awareness when my daughter entered kindergarten.  Her excitement to learn was attributed to her teacher with 30+ years experience who was engaging, entertaining and organized.  Transformation in my own teaching […]