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>Stage 3 – Modeling

Now the teacher shows the students how to respond to a writing prompt. She would display the prompt and show how to pull it apart. She would also start the pre-writing phase using the mnemonic of choice. All this is done while the teacher is talking aloud in more positive and encouraging tones. Next, she would hand the lesson over to the students and allow them to write a paper using the same strategy in groups. I recommend using a different prompt than the one you showed the students; otherwise, they will just copy your work.

Another key aspect of this stage is to teach students about your scoring method. You would either use a clear rubric or checklist. You could go back to the student exemplars and show students how you would score them using your scale. Then, you would allow students to score themselves and their peers with the group paper and/or the original cold write paper you gave them from the beginning. If time allows, you would conclude this activity by allowing students to rewrite their papers. Correcting one’s mistakes can be a valuable lesson.

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