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What does the $54 Billion Dollar for K-12 Education Mean for Educators and Students?

After months of battling, Congress has passed a bill where K-12 public schools are poised to receive billions to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged communities and school budgets. In the coming days, President Trump is expected to sign a $900 Billion dollar package to help families, boost the faltering economy and with [...]

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Success and Challenges in Higher Education During the Pandemic

Guest Writer: Valerie Brock The COVID19 disease has made a significant impact on higher education.  This pandemic outbreak has forced the education system to become more reliant on virtual technology.   Classrooms without walls is a norm throughout the world.  Despite the drastic changes during this period, the professors were able to make some remarkable [...]

A Student in my Class Has COVID, Now What? 

Like most teachers, I had been managing to keep a level head regardless of the immense pressure I am under in today’s classroom climate. Doing my best to provide quality virtual, hybrid instruction; remain positive and upbeat for my students; and having an overall optimistic demeanor in the face of a deadly pandemic.  So naturally, [...]

Compassionate Teaching is Key Especially During This Pandemic

Over the past few months, I’ve been noticing tweets from users about their teachers and their online class experiences. These two stood out to me in particular: These tweets reveal several things but the main thing that stood out to me is that compassionate teaching is even more necessary during these uncertain times. [...]

How Reverse Halloween Helped My Students Feel Connected to Me As Their Teacher

If I’m being honest, not everyone understood the concept of reversing Halloween at first. But I was convinced the theory was sound. And perhaps because I’ve known how disconnected my own daughter feels, I’ve tried to find creative ways to connect with families. I’ve formed friendships with dogs, left a lot of things on doorsteps. [...]

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