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The System is Broken But Are We Ready to Fix it?

I cannot count the number of times I have heard “now is the time to reimagine education!” in the last six months. While the majority of people who voice this sentiment are referring to better delivery of online instruction or disrupting our current teaching practices, I think we are missing the crux of our problems [...]

Smile for the Camera: Adjusting to the New “Normal” in a COVID-19 Classroom

This year, teaching is lonely. Like many other districts across the country, we are teaching and learning online for the foreseeable future.  I desperately want to be back in person with my students, but our national leadership is more concerned with political gain than American life. Wearing a mask is a political statement, cases aren’t [...]

Poker and Passion: An Education to Live For

“So, floating and bluffing are pretty much the same thing.”  My ears perked up in surprise that my wife was eavesdropping on world-renown poker player, Phil Ivey.  She continued, “You float to bluff and bluff to float.  Isn’t he talking in circles?” Although dumbfounded that my wife was listening while I watched Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, [...]

It’s A Done Deal… I Quit My Teaching Job Two Weeks Before School Started

Well - it’s a done deal.  Two weeks before the school year began I turned in my resignation to my school district after agonizing all summer awaiting news on how or what our protocols would be in reopening the schools this Fall.  I heard the news; I presented my letter.  In my head, I had [...]

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Betsy Devos Need to Spend More Time In Real Schools with Real Teachers

  Secretary of Education Betsy Devos needs to know more about real schools and real teachers. Hell, just real people would be good. In calling for enforcement of standardized testing policies in public schools, during a public health crisis, she once again reveals a lack of connection to the lived reality of the victims of [...]

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