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Accountability and Empathy: Where’s the Balance?  

Accountability and Empathy: Where's the Balance?   Pandemic Adjustments I went into this year knowing online learning would be tough. I zoomed in with my equity lens and kept it sharply focused, ready to make adjustments wherever necessary to meet students’ needs.  2020 has been a stressful time for all of us and my students are [...]

Is it Time to Kill Mockingbird and Embrace Mercy?

Is it Time to Kill Mockingbird?  Until recently, To Kill A Mockingbird was one of few classics I actually liked. I’ve usually pushed back against the canon, but I could get behind a story about a precocious young tomboy who helps her father fight against racial injustice.  But, as I read it once again with [...]

Staying Within Law: Special Education Teachers and IDEA

Although it’s been a rough start to the 20-2021 school year for most school districts in the United States, school districts are still required to meet the service needs of their special education students. Under IDEA, the Bible for Special Services, also known as the Individuals with Disabilities Act, denotes in detail what our special [...]

Do the Work: Equity Symposium for Teachers

On September 12th, we have our first virtual symposium of the year, "Do the Work: Equity Symposium for Educators" as we carefully examine race, equity, and privilege in K-12 schools. This work comes after a widely successful series of Facebook Live Discussions where thousands of educators talked about various issues related to equity in schools [...]

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