Have You Been To A #GAFE Summit?

I've been teaching for 26 years - English, AVID, Yearbook, Reading, History and any sort of intervention class that gets thrown my way. I've been through whole language and back. I've survived NCLB. I've been trained in teaching the Gifted and Talented, the At-Risk and 21st-century students. And last weekend, I went to my first [...]

8 Ways For Teachers To Communicate With Parents in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, there is a multitude of ways to communicate with parents. I know a large part of the education workforce is comprised of ‘digital immigrants’, but with a little time and motivation, all teachers can (and should) utilize technology to increase communication with parents and students. Here are my eight favorite ways [...]

ThatQuiz: A Great, Easy to Use Resource

ThatQuiz is a great resource for teachers and students! Here's a quick breakdown of what it can do for a classroom teacher: Create quizzes of various types. Maintain a class/student list to track progress. Students are able to use independently and access outside of school. Grades and averages for the quizzes are kept for you. You [...]

The Techno-Sceptic’s Guide To Using Technology in the Classroom

I am not usually a big fan of technology in the classroom.  To quote a former colleague on the subject, it’s often just “window dressing.” Just because students are using computers or smart boards or document projectors doesn’t mean that they are learning 21st century skills.  If all that they are doing is coloring in [...]

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