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image courtesy of eadvantage.com

image courtesy of eadvantage.com


I started teaching in August of 2012 at a very low income, poverty school district in Texas. I thought I could make a difference in the lives of these kids. Show them the way to college, instead of public assistance. Boy, was I naive!When I finally left in April, I had been slapped by two young ladies hard enough to bruise my arm. I had “F$&! You Ms.”, as well as “B!tch, sl@t, H&e”  written on my door, my floor and wall. (I requested numerous times to have it covered up. The response? “Why bother. We’re tearing the building down in June.” I finally bought posters to cover the door and wall.) I also had various things thrown at me. Books, chairs, rocks, pencils, trash. You name it, I’ve dodged it or swatted it away! I was also sexually harassed by a male student.

Of course, I followed the discipline plan set forth by my district. But nothing really ever happened to the kids. They might get a talk. But the office was always so full, most would just sit there, then get sent on to their next class when the bell rang.

So I left for my own personal safety and sanity, mid-year. And the saddest part? I actually feel guilty because I left them.