About Aimee Cribbs

Dr. Aimee Cribbs has twenty years of elementary classroom experience in Georgia's Title I schools. She's taught in a diverse, urban setting and a small rural system. She currently serves as an Education adjunct for Piedmont College and the Morningside College Applied Research Center. She is also a teacher candidate supervisor for Dalton State College. Her research focuses include teaching creativity, educators as the instruments of reform, and graduate writing self-efficacy. She is an advocate for teachers, who she believes have the single most important job in the world.

Dear TER Readers and Educators,

I’m not asking for much, just your help changing the world.  It may sound like an overstatement, but I wholeheartedly believe that improving the American education system is the only path to lasting, meaningful change in all areas of society and citizenship.  I also wholeheartedly believe that the educators in the field are the only ones who can design effective reform.

The problem is, that you would-be authors of reform are already overloaded and exhausted.  American educators design lessons, manage individual student needs, and hold parent conferences.  You do car rider duty, mine data and go to meeting, after meeting after meeting.  So, why in the world would you want to spend your limited alone time responding to another survey?

Because together we are stronger.    We can use our combined experience and expertise to author authentic, attainable change.  The TER series, Blueprint for Reform aims to do something different that what’s been done before, but it will only work with profound participation from our 85,000 readers.

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My goal is to receive a minimum of 1000 responses about each of the topics in the series. After the TER series is completed, I hope to compile the articles in a document that can be shared with legislators and leaders who can institute the solutions we design.

Each survey is short, with only one to three questions.  Pick the topics that resonate with you and your experience.  Then, pass it on.  Share with fellow educators, your grade level and your school system.  I know you are overworked and exhausted.  That is why this must be done.

With hope for our schools,

Aimee Cribbs

Brief Surveys on Upcoming Article Topics:

Effective Administrators


Student/Teacher Relationships and Behavior Management

Teacher Evaluation and Preparation

Family and Community Involvement

Assessment and Grading

Equity in Education

Education Funding



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